Fly over Masada Extreme Israel Flying ATV

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Fly over Masada Extreme Israel Flying ATV (Buckeye).

Watch the video we took during the flight over Masada – Extreme Israel.
Flying in a flying ATV is a thrilling experience…

We will take off from the lowest place in the world the Dead Sea, While we are sitting in the flying ATV
We will see the Dead Sea and the desert, After a few minutes we will reach the top of Masada.

We’ll circle the mountain around, and we’ll see everything from above.
How the Romans managed to climb the mountain, we will see the king’s palace, the city and the walls.

Listen to our guests in the video at the end of the clip.

Extreme Israel –  flying ATV (Buckeye)

Flights in the flying ATV (Buckeye) at Masada are prearranged and take place in the early morning hours
For details and reservations call now: + 972-53-3310639
or send an email to:


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